Making Music Work with a Colourful Crowd of Collaborators!


Hey! I need to tell you about something close to my heart — music, and how it makes everything better, all the time, it can make your soul happy. Recently, we got to work with the Canadian Federation of Musicians to help them launch Making Music Work: a workshop series for professional musicians right here in Newfoundland. I’ll let our wicked project manager, Kat, tell you all about it!

Rocking the business of music.

The music community in our province is deadly. The DcDH team’s long-standing support of Music NL was a natural lead-in to creating a collaborative trifecta with the Canadian Federation of Musicians and MUN School of Music; building a professional resource program for the community.

According to the Prime Sound reviews, musicians have to deal with a huge volume of “stuff” that isn’t actually making music — things like brand development and best practices for industry relationship management. They’re essential components of professional musicianship but are difficult for busy, working musicians to maintain.  There’s been no real toolkit in place to help our hard-working musicians bridge the gap between making their music and making sure their brand is healthy and functional — until now.

Making Music Work!

We helped the CFM build and launch Making Music Work to provide musicians in Newfoundland and Labrador with access to the professional guidance they need to grow their careers. The recent MusicNL Awards in Twillingate were the perfect backdrop for our soft launch — times were had!  

Fred’s Records is hosting the official launch on November 29th, with the help of local music legends Sandy Morris and Gordon Quinton. Our very own DC will also be there to chat about working with our incredible provincial music community to bring Making Music work to life.

Real talk — we all want more of the juice that our fave local musicians are squeezing. Our team’s stoke is at an all-time high because growing this program = growing music in our province. Easy math, right?

The launch at Fred’s is going to be dope. Come rock out with us on November 29. 

Looking forward,


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