Dc Presents: Our New Podcast, Teams on the Edge! Episode 1: Theresa Powell, Lead Copywriter


Hey guys! Today I’m stoked to introduce Teams on the Edge: Creative Tales in North America’s Oldest City, the first Dc Design House podcast! This is the first of a few podcasts you’ll see uploaded here on our blog — one that we’ve been rocking for a loooong time now.

Sidenote: the team wants a new site. I’m scared. This one is so direct to the value of telling stories and always has. Nothing to get in the way of our proof of passion for helping our clients to brand better in all they do! But my fear of change is the subject for another day. 😉

Today, and in future episodes, a series of chats will help me celebrate the people on our team that makes us so darn deadly. Chilling with my lead writer Theresa was a great way to spend a shiny Saturday morning at DcHQ in downtown St. John’s. We chatted about a lot of things — from the work we do to what makes her tick as a writer. And most importantly, you get to feel some T$ vibes. (Fun fact: T$ is her nickname — “T-money.”)

Enjoy Teams on the Edge, and let us know if you’d like to have us create a podcast or two for you!

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