The Natural Emporium Launches in Churchill Square


Happy dayzz, beauties!

Have you dropped in to see The Natural Emporium at their sweet new location in Churchill Square? The place looks absolutely deadly! When it comes to holistic, organic, and fair trade products, they have you covered. Whether you are looking for vegan-friendly skincare or fair trade coffee, The Natural Emporium is the destination for kindness-certified products.

First of all, a huge congrats and housewarming wishes are in order since The Natural Emporium has found a home in the classic shopping district, Churchill Square. With a beautiful and spacious floor plan and welcoming decor, they are sure to wow clientele and turn some heads.

Inside the brand new Natural Emporium Churchill Square location

The Natural Emporium: Wade and Amanda Dawe, two of a kind

Bookmarks available from The Natural Emporium

Co-owner husband-and-wife team, Wade and Amanda Dawe designed a shop that is uniquely beautiful, and specializes in natural, organic, fair trade and cruelty-free products — emphasizing kindness and compassion for all of nature’s beings. They carry a vast selection of organic beauty products, groceries, clothing, accessories, jewelry, books, and a general array of items for the body, mind and soul.

Brand better, naturally

The Natural Emporium logo design

DcDH and The Natural Emporium worked together from the beginning, drafting sketch after sketch until we had a logo that complemented their motto: Essentials and Oddities for a Kinder World. The Natural Emporium had a goal to create an “Emporium of Kindness.” DcDH had a goal to help them Brand Better. Our design team worked closely with them to create a look inspired by the old-school apothecaries and general stores, while tying in their appreciation of nature and the organic with the physical world around us. We didn’t want to clutter the logo; it had to feel natural. When it comes to creating a logo for a brand that champions products for the body, mind, and soul — less is more. Together we brought their vision to life in an elegant, eye-catching design that demanded attention, but still reflected the kind and compassionate mantra of the brand.

Kindness has been an important ingredient in the success of The Natural Emporium. We couldn’t have bigger smiles over how this project turned out!

What’s happening now?

The Natural Emporium is summer-ready and livin’ it up in their new home. There are always fascinating new items coming in through their doors. There’s truly something for everyone. They make it easy to be earth-friendly and health conscious because you know that everything they offer has everyone’s best interests at heart. The eclectic team is currently celebrating Halloween in July at the store, 100+ days early. If you are also a little spooky at heart, drop by and say “Trick-or-Treat” to Wade and Amanda in the Square.

“Halloween in July” display at The Natural Emporium

Deffffffinitely pop into The Natural Emporium and see the space and logo for yourself. Hit up their Facebook and Insta so you can check out their wicked new layout and all they have to offer for yourself. When kindness is your brand, it’s easy to #BrandBetter!

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