Energy Exchange Lovin’

Way back in December (winter, where did ya go, by?), we announced that we were opening the doors to the DcHQ and inviting in community-minded folks for high-level chats and Energy Exchanges. Well, wanna hear how they’ve been goin’? Sure, ya knows you do — take it, J!

Energy Exchanges

Energy Exchanges at Dc Design House are opportunities to get a feel for life in this wild and everchanging industry of ours. Interested in marketing and design? What about communications or advertising? Then this is a great way to get motivated, energized, and inspired about the work we do.

Over the past few months, we’ve had visitors galore! They’ve hung out in our Studio, worked on branding and research projects, and “eaten the kool aid-cake,” so to speak! 😉

Hear what they had to say about the experience!

Kickin’ it with kool Kurt

Kurt was one of our first Energy Exchangers, and he fit right in:

“Don-E Coady has created a vibrant, exciting atmosphere at his shop on Bates Hill. I spent an afternoon with the gang and had an awesome experience. The Dc team are open to sharing what they do at HQ, how the company works, and their own experiences — definitely a must for anyone interested in agency life!” – Kurt

Jacelle giving Kurt the lay of the land.
Jacelle giving Kurt the lay of the land.

Art meets business

Keli-Ann and her husband Besh are no strangers to the art world (and I’m sure you’ve seen Keli-Ann’s colourful work all over the city)! We put their creative expertise to work for the afternoon and were met with spirit and whimsy — which you know we love. And in Keli-Ann’s own words, “if it’s not fun, I don’t want to be at it!”

“What a fun exercise to do for both of us! You’ve got a good bunch of peeps working and it seems like you are all nice and busy. Thanks for sharing your space with us!” – Keli-Ann and Besh

Newfoundland Quickies gifted to the team by Keli-Ann.
Newfoundland Quickies gifted to the team by Keli-Ann.

Awesomeness from Alex

Alex had such great things to say about his time with us that we’re still blushing:

“It’s been a while since I’ve got a chance to use any related skills on a project and I’m grateful for the experience to do some ‘real-world work’ on an actual marketing project! From the initial welcome to the final goodbye, I felt welcome and at home in the office, (appropriately) disguised as a house. I’m glad that I was given a task that wasn’t trivial; it was clearly-defined and was meaningful to the team and their work.” – Alex

Our Bates Hill home is more of a hive, and nothing keeps it buzzing like good vibes and new friends. We truly can’t thank this group enough for their hard work, spirit, and energy during the afternoons they spent with us!

Transparency and the idea that we can actually help inform the future of our creative industry by giving them a first-hand taste and feel for what we do is something I am so proud of.

Want to get in on what we’re doing? Reach out to get all up in our DcDH vibes for an Energy Exchange. Have something in mind you want to sink your teeth into? We want to know!

Looking forward,