Women to Women: Empowering Leadership


Empowerment. Leadership. Community. Kick-ass women doing kick-ass stuff! All this, and so much more, describes the annual Lantern Centre’s Women to Women Empowering Leadership conference. Some of the deadly gals from DcDH went to share the flame, and Jacelle is going to tell you all about it!

Lighting the spark

Empowered women making an impact in business, in their communities, and in leadership roles are a passion of mine! So when the team was registering to attend this year’s Women to Women conference, I immediately became excited.

I’ve worked in management roles with DcDH for a while now. And as someone who’s interested in local politics, invested in mental health advocacy, and dedicated to fundraising initiatives (like the Health Care Foundation’s Eleganza which killed it in 2017), I never miss a chance to share my meaningful experiences as a woman in the world, and hear important stories and lessons from others.

I mean, if we don’t listen to and support one another, how can we expect anyone else to?


The Lantern Centre’s conference was the perfect place to dig deeper into my role as a woman in our local business community, my identity as a leader, friend, and role model, and my right to be heard and respected. Plus, I got a ton of great ideas to share with the whole DcDH team!

Share the torch

On top of sharing nearly two great days with the coolest women in the A1C (see above!), I also got to take pride in the work our company did for the Lantern Centre.

Dc Design House was a Legacy Sponsor for the conference, and everywhere I looked during the conference, I saw that flame. And to me, it meant that my place of work — a place I share with amazing, smart, talented people — was doing its part to support such an important cause for our community and for society at large (we all know what I’m talking about!). What more can a girl ask for?


Way to say it, Jacelle! People supporting people, for a stronger NL, is what it’s all about, and I can’t be more stoked that our team has helped make an impact! Have a torch you want to pass? A spark you want to light? Reach out and we’ll help find your flame!

Looking forward,


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