New Year – New Website.


The shoemaker's kid no more!

Happy New Year — welcome to 2024!

For years – like seven or more – I’ve been saying, “Geeze, we have got to finish that website!” Years would pass, and then a client would say, “I wanted to recommend you to my colleague – but your website, though.”

Enter my go-to lament, “Man, we have GOT to finish that website!” 😅

Well folks, finally, after much “let’s help them first and we’ll circle back to us later” and wondering, “Who HAVE we helped to brand better over these 14 years?”, the level-up moment has arrived!

I am so proud to reveal what will be an ever-growing demonstration of marketing and communications projects my team of in-house and in-fold experts have helped me bring to life for brands we love!

The expertise of an agency.
The agility of an agent.

What a concept! But what does it mean?

In short – you get me. Not “whoever is hired”.

I spent ten years (ten too many) in the ‘traditional’ 20+ person agency model, where the Creative Director (me) hung out behind the curtain while clients dealt with an ever-changing cast of project managers and coordinators. So much critical knowledge would leave the room every time, leaving clients to feel like they were having to start over (and over).

Since 2020, those frustrating days have been long gone.

As an award-winning consultant with 20+ years in the marketing and communications arena, I am your project manager and creative director in one: an owner-manager as well – just like many of my clients

The long-game relationships we share are guided by the front-row-center knowledge, intuition, and commitment to being in the room for every evolution and conversation.

The result is a happier, more secure, and more successful relationship – which is all I ever wanted.

You gotta go to know. And now that I do, let’s!

Looking forward.

Looking back on a lifetime in the marketing and communications arena, I have learned so much about where trends and tech tools have been, and where things are really going.

Some businesses want to outsource their entire year-round marketing and communications department to a brand manager they can trust.

Some businesses have certain in-house capabilities.

Most businesses are a healthy mix of the two, but they just need help with special projects that arise.

No matter the scope, a consultant-led model can allow you to get the advice you need, with a team steam to make it happen, where needed!

If you are looking for that kind of agility, creativity, and lossless levels of accountability and collaboration, let’s brand better – together!

20+ years of daring greatly in the marketing and communications arena; powered by love of place and passion for helping folks to brand better.

Looking forward – Dc.

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