With a little help from our friends

We love partnerships. It’s fun working with our friends.

When an association we’re a member of comes calling, we know just what to do.

Alisha and I have a special connection to memberships and associations. We know they’re the organizational glue that keeps the show going, in every industry.

Here’s more, from Alisha, our word wizard in the house:

Where we come from

Most people know I spent four years with the St. John’s Board of Trade as a policy and advocacy specialist and communications person. That basically means, it was my job to simplify complex political and regulatory problems for businesses in the city.

Working with this organization was an incredible experience. It kept me on my toes for sure. I made great connections and I worked with a group of ladies (Hi Girls!) who had more knowledge about how business works than most entrepreneurs.

Customer care

When you’re accountable to 900 businesses, you learn customer care real quick. But you also discover the challenges associated with communicating to that number of people quickly and efficiently.

Enter Dc Design House.

Member benefits

In the last few years, associations have been rediscovering the power of online. A website that’s clean, beautiful and easy to use is an association’s (and their member’s) dream.

In the last few years we’ve created a slew of association’s websites – including the St. John’s Board of Trade’s – and we’re so proud of the custom tools we offer. From membership directories to member’s only areas; event promotion and online ticket sales; to photo galleries and social media widgets; we love building these sites.

A look-see

Visit some of the association websites we’ve created in the last few years:

MusicNL | DcDesignHouse.ca


This site is so cool. We love all the musical elements in the design. It’s got sexy widgets showing off the Twitter feed and this year’s award winners.

ARNNL | DcDesignHouse.ca

The Association of Registered Nurses Newfoundland and Labrador

Featuring responsive design, an editable CMS (content management system) and an events calendar, this site keeps members, students and the public up to date.

BANL | DcDesignHouse.ca

Business Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

We created this sleek site with business in mind.

CHHA-NL | DcDesignHouse.ca

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-NL

This website allows every demographic to find essential information about healthy hearing. It’s responsive, has an editable CMS, and is Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

CHBA-NL | DcDesignHouse.ca

Canadian Home Builders Association – NL

This site features association members, offers news and events, it’s responsive and is just cool for members to use.

St. John's BoT | DcDesignHouse.ca

St. John’s Board of Trade

With crazy functionality, the Board of Trade site is responsive, has online registration for events, photo galleries, and tons more.

Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Optometrists

We just wrapped up this site and it should be live any day now that has a searchable optometrists directory, loads of information and it’s responsive.

All of these websites are W3C Compliant – meaning they adhere to the standards of the Word Wide Web Consortium. Actually; all Dc Design House’s websites do!

We love our associations and the amazingly important things they do for our business. Are you a member of these or others? What’s the best association you’ve seen?

Know of a natural partner for us? Get in touch. Call Dc at 237-7321.