West End Best End

It’s me, Dc. You guys know me, right? I live, eat, and breathe the A1C lifestyle. (#A1C4YFE!!) But let’s be real: we know the Avalon has more to offer, and our team had the most fun this summer helping showcase the west end. #WEBE

West campaign, best campaign

To help make the most of golf season and our beautiful summer weather, we worked with GlenDenning to kick off a killer West End Best End campaign. We spread the love from Cowan Heights, Mount Pearl, and the Goulds, to Paradise, and C.B.S – and everywhere in between! How’d we make it happen? Keep reading!

Radio vibes

The west end comprises a lot of communities, and there’s no better way to reach them all than the good ole’ radio. Did you hear this snippet? Audio Player



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A fun, lighthearted radio ad, especially one with cheek to spare, can highlight your brand’s personality while forefronting your message.

Branding better

Every big campaign needs its own identity. To kick off West End Best End, we played with colour, iconography, and typography. (And if you read our thoughts on Branding 101, you’ll know this is complicated stuff!)

WEBE Logo_option 2

Striking a balance between recognizable west end landmarks, like the Galway water tank, and on-brand identity led us to the GlenDenning clubhouse with the impossible-to-miss addition of a golf flag. To really set this campaign brand off, we opted for typography that boldly captured the “be here” messaging. And where else but in the west end?

WEBE Logo_fullcolour_cymk

So whether you hit up the fairways this summer or are busy planning your winter wedding, know that GlenDenning is the place to be! Their uhhh-mazing staff, grounds, and greens are one big reason why the west end is the best end!

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