We’re not gonna take it anymore!

Ever try to drive a round peg into a square hole? No, that’s not a good analogy.

This is more like shmooshing Play-Doh through a window screen: It starts well, but things quickly gum up, you push too hard and next thing you know, your hand goes through the screen.

That’s kind of how we feel about making your website work and look good on Internet Explorer 8. So we’re not doing it anymore. Fin, nada, nuh-uh.

Evolve with us

The Web is rapidly and constantly growing, evolving, and improving. We’re always looking out for the latest and greatest technology and methods keeping you at the forefront of what’s possible on the web, while respecting the browsers of the past.

Every year, there are better (and better looking) ways to attract and inspire visitors to your website, and most of them require better (less ancient) technology.

Old school

We can control the tech we use to build your website, but not what browser some of your visitors choose to use to see your website.

Sadly (for them) there are still some holdouts clinging to out-dated browsers (mainly Internet Explorer, or IE). For us, this means one of two things:

  1. Either we build boring websites to cater to that sliver of the viewership; or
  2. We spend tons of time and money creating hacks so they can use your new beautiful site.

What’s good for the goose

We don’t want to waste your time and money to make your website look exactly the same in every browser, so we build for the majority of browsers to make sure you get a kick-ass site that your audience will love.

We also use a cool approach called “graceful degradation”, so if there’s a new technology that wows your customers using Google Chrome, but throws everything out of whack on IE8, we can just turn off the ‘cool factor’ in the older browsers. It means those folks can at least read your main messages, even if they don’t get the whole effect.

Wondering whether your website looks good on all the browsers out there? Need to upgrade and include some cool new elements in your current website? Contact Don-E at 237-7321 right now!