The Grumpy Stump Becomes The Local

The Grumpy Stump had become well known in the east end of our city and beyond. I remember going there many times for live music and other ‘recreational’ pursuits. 😉

But, as time went on, “the stump” slumped and the new owners knew it was time to start a new tradition of “music and good friends” – a pull from their intrenched jingle.

The opportunity to rebrand is so exciting for us – and so, with the owners ready to get moving, we looked at the landscape of pubs, taverns and bars – locally and abroad.

Our big idea was to claim ownership over what our European neighbours love to call their neighbourhood bars – “The Local”.

Now, there are some key ingredients in every brand expression:

The Perfect Name and Your Logo

One that speaks to your current and future relationships. Following that, the assembly of a solid word mark + iconography combination. There are many versions and options that we will bring to life and then put aside, as we dig deep into what we know will work.

Position Line & Promise Line

The strategic part of things really goes to the next level when we craft two of the most important elements that need to follow your logo.

First, your POSITION line: what separates you from the competition, regarding the industry or category of service to which you want to be associated. Here, the position line was “public house” which is where “pub” comes from.

Next, your PROMISE line: the emotional and logical benefit of choosing your brand; a slogan – “where sex appeal meets value”. In this case the promise line was chosen as a statement of value for all who would make ‘The Local – Public House’ their own. To us, becoming known as “the heart of the neighbourhood” is as direct and value-driven of an goal as we could imagine.

Your position and promise lines need to balance one another and inspire your customer to be informed and intrigued.

Here’s something that we always mention to everyone we serve: While ‘brand expression‘ – as I’ve just now walked us thru in the example above – is where things begin, everything the brand achieves in the market will need to be driven by those who handle it every day.

With thanks, we’re looking forward to seeing where “The Local” will go 😉

Want more? I recently sat in with Marketing Coach Jen Trask. We spoke about brand expression. Watch it now!