Sandwich (boards) are Beautiful

Hey guys! Dc here, we’re going old school in this instalment of the Dc digest; waaaaaaay back to a more simple time in marketing land – before the social media, and the interwebs, and all the other glowing, blinking things we take for granted today; there was a humble marketing tool: the sandwich board.

Alisha is board to tears of joy over this classic tactic that keeps getting her attention.

Sandwiches are Fine

This deadly little bit of wood or plastic is easily transportable, readily changeable, and can be adorably effective at drawing traffic (even in the digital world we live in today). If cleverly used sandwich boards can be extremely memorable and they’re at sidewalk level, meaning they don’t blend in like window or building signage.

Sandwich boards became a thing in the 1900s and never really went away. However, due to the virality of silly slogans or titillating deals, these signs have once again become a sensation – online and IRL – and I’m so happy, because unlike my co-workers, (who complain about tripping over them) I think sandwich boards are one of my favourite marketing tools.

I like Sandwiches. I Read Them all the Time.

Personally, I’ve always loved a good sandwich board. They make you stop on the street and can show so much personality. I see them in every city I visit and have taken a ridiculous number of  photos of sandwich boards. It’s so simple, I always marvel, but they tell such a great story.

Here are a few favourites I’ve seen over the years and a sneak peek at the effectiveness.

When you’ve got any advantage in your business, show it off!

S@IT Service, Crap Music, Warm Beer, but 4 ply toilet paper

Pop culture references aren’t just great for memes, they work offline too!

The Lion King

Just like a good social post, this book shop uses an event we’re all celebrating anyway – like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day – and connects it to their business!

Mothers Day and Valentines day
Skeleton skin care line

And our neighbours here in St. John’s showed us just how to improve your halloween skincare regime.

And just because it’s a sandwich board doesn’t mean it has to go off brand or be garish. Check out the fonts in this one! The brand personality shines through and you really connect to you the old-timey, classic artisan feeling.

Dun Well Donuts

This one gives VITAL information and incorporates the brand. It’s a stop you have to make. Clever!

Last coffee for 20 miles

Puns. That’s all. You can use puns.

Punny signage

If I had a hundred sandwiches, I’d read them all at once

Great. Now I’m hungry. Maybe I’ll bop down to Rocket and see what their sandwich board is getting on with. Seriously though, sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge impact; puns, a clever take on a holiday, or pop culture references can really up your sign game. It’s all part of your responsibility to bring personality.

Clearly, brand spirit is our obsession. Want help figuring out whether a sandwich boards or a billboard is right to advertise your business? We can help! Get in touch.