Nu Look, Nu Website, Nuway Kitchens

On the East Coast of Canada we all love our kitchens, and — let’s face it — we all love a good kitchen party! So, who can throw an amazing kitchen party, and create an incredible kitchen? Nuway Kitchens! Have you seen their work? You should…like right now…I’ll wait!

Did you love the kitchens? How about that website? It was a complete blast to work on. With so much inspiration from Nuway’s beautiful designs like what you can find at this site, it seemed only right to take a minimalist approach that lets the beauty of a Nuway Kitchen shine through. We kept the visual and navigational items to a minimum, used a neutral background, and clean typography to allow the powerful visuals to take center stage. All in all, these elements came together in a sharp and modern design that reflects Nuway’s high standards for quality!