Learning Good Design

I’ll know it when I see it

Have you ever seen a poster that really catches your eye for some reason? Or a logo that doesn’t really have anything in particular wrong with it, but doesn’t seem to fit the company?

Sometimes its hard to know just why something looks good or bad.

Welcome to the world of graphic designers.

We spend all our time making sure our work speaks to you the way its supposed to; without any words. Yeah, that’s a challenge; but it’s our favourite! We make sure to work with the best professionals, like the ones from Supfort Dallas, clean, responsive, and super fast websites is what they do!

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to tell why good design looks good to you, read on for these simple tips on how to sort it all out.

Read About It

The internet is a vast expanse of everything you’ve ever wanted to know (and more than a few things you don’t). There are tons of websites providing detailed critiques of different types of work. These are excellent places to develop knowledge about which styles work and which ones don’t. Brand New provides comparisons of brand refreshes all over the world. The writers provide clear examples why a new brand succeeds in comparison to the old one — or why it doesn’t. If you keep in mind that that everyone’s tastes differ (and the comment section can get a little brutal) Brand New is a great introduction to design critique.

What a Bunch of CARP

There are four basic principles at the foundation of good design.


Make sure there’s enough difference in size, colour, texture, shape and orientation. This can be as simple as making sure the background colour is light enough to show your dark text, or rotating one item to make it stand out from the rest.



Position elements on a consistent grid. Every element should have a visual connection to another element on the page. Otherwise, things look disjointed and unintentional.



Repeating elements creates unity and good organization. Don’t use more than two or three different fonts, and keep your colour palette limited for a strong look and feel.



Group related elements together, and keep unrelated elements further apart. Such a simple concept, but it can create confusion when ignored!


Keep it Together

Now here’s something that will drive you crazy for the rest of your life (sorry…). It’s a little thing we like to call kerning. Kerning is the process of adjusting the space between letters, to create a visually pleasing result. But don’t worry, if this seems way too complicated for you, you can always look for wordpress design services and they’ll make it for you in a very fast, easy and professional way.

These signs are bold, have great contrast and a clear message.


Why is one harder to read, and not as nice to look at? Kerning.

It’s one of those little secrets that makes a huge impact in design. It’s the difference between something that is super pleasing to the eye and something that just looks a little off. Now you’ll notice bad kerning everywhere (Did I mention I’m sorry?).

Of course rules are always meant to be broken, and part of the fun is playing with all these guidelines. There’s a lot that goes into good design, but these elements can help you sort out why something doesn’t sit right with you and why something can blow your mind!

Can you think of any brands that make good use of these rules? Let us know! And if you need any graphic design, get in touch. Dc Design has the best in the business (in our humble opinion)!