Growing up – and out – with the Boys and Girls Clubs

Time flies when you’re growing up.
It seems like yesterday we were sitting around a boardroom table with the directors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. John’s thinking about our latest fundraising idea for kids. Every month, this dynamic and hardworking team from all industries meet to debate and execute a variety of to-do’s that all go on to help our kids grow in a safe and positive environment.

My Favourite Game

Anna Patten and Chris Forward were thinking about Newfoundlands favourite game: The good ol’ 50/50 draw. Easy and fun. We decided to turn up the excitement (what else is new) by giving it an online dashboard where you could buy tickets online as well as in physical locations and quite literally ‘watch the kitty grow.’ Dies for a fat cat.

Successful Start

With Quikprint and NTV by out side, we went to market and were happy to create success – $14,000 raised over the campaign. All shown via our website. What a way to make someone’s Holiday Season! We learned a lot and had fun creating the look and feel for this campaign. Read last years love note too!

It’s baaaack!

And just like that, we’re into year two! With a longer selling window and the creative elements updated and ready to roll, we’re pumped to seeing what year two brings. Visit our website to buy your tickets; it’s a well-oiled and secure experience – or find us all over Sears and other amazing locations, who’ll help us raise even more money for the kids in our city who need it most.

Boys and girls clubs sponsors
The official sponsors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. John’s annual Incredible 50/50.

Get your tickets meow! They’re the purrrfect way to make the season bright.

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