Facebook, It Is A-Changin’

Hey guys, Dc here! You prob heard the news around the interwebs that the Facebook News Feed is undergoing some big changes that are going to impact what you see on Facebook, and for our clients, it’s going to impact what you post on Facebook. But no fear — Nicole (AKA our digital coordinator extraordinaire AKA digi-queen) is here to break it all down. Tell us how it is, Nicole!

The gist

If you think these changes to Facebook are bad or scary, there’s no need to worry! They’re actually quite positive, as Facebook is working to make your News Feed a place for more meaningful, relevant connections. That means that for the average user — that’s you! — you’ll see more of your friends’ posts, and less posts from businesses and organizations you like.

For us marketing crowd

But what does this actually mean for business owners and social media marketers like us at DcDH? It means we have the opportunity to take what’s been working for our clients, and bring it on home. Closer, tighter, more relationship-based content will be the top focus of our social content strategies!

More than ever, Facebook will require businesses to have engaging, inviting, and interesting content. This means:

  1. Fewer posts of photos, and more Facebook Live Videos.
  2. Less organic content, and more paid Facebook Adverts.
  3. Fewer posts that link to your business’ website, and more posts that start conversations right on your Facebook page!
  4. Less focus on collecting likes and reactions, and more interest in comments and shares.
  5. No more relying on a static Facebook page, and way more focus on replying to comments, asking questions, and initiating discussions!

Gotta have faith (faith, faith, faith)

And to our clients: we’re doing our homework! Trust that we’re putting the time in to create new, customized social media strategies, based on these new updates, and will continue to stay up to date with the many changes Facebook undergoes. Since these recommendations are not new to us (or you), we see this as an opportunity to fine-tune the work that — let’s face it — we’re already rocking together!

Do you have questions on how to make these News Feed updates work for you? Are you new to digital advertising? Reach out, friends! Our whole team has your back and we are ready to help your Facebook page go boom in 2018!

Looking forward,