Driving Forward with City Tire

Hey Guys, Dc here!
It’s not only fancy tech companies who deserve a sleek, sexy, and feature-filled website. We worked with City Tire & Auto – who always stood out to us in the market as a leader in service and knowledge – to create a new website to show off those assets.

I’m going to flip it over to Denise to tell you how we did it!

Making the local garage look deadly

When you think local companies, you think small, few resources, and simple websites. To be fair, it’s a lot of work to create an online presence, but in this digital world you need to embrace it all: social media, a user-friendly website, Google AdWords, and everything in between.

For a business who has always done things one way, it can be a complete 180 and downright terrifying. Well that’s where we came in for City Tire & Auto, a trusted local garage since 1977.

City Tire & Auto, much to our delight, wanted to make sure their site could stand toe-to-toe with any big chain garage or dealership. So we gave them just that; letting you live chat with one of their experts.

What’s our Design Philosophy?

We know as online users and customers ourselves, the number one thing we want is immediacy in finding the most important information. In the Design House our philosophy is to think like a customer and with that in mind, we asked, “What’s the information you want on an auto service website? How do I get a quote? And how do I book my appointment?”

Sure, you want to learn about the company, see what other customers thought of the service, but you want to find out what it’s going to cost to fix your car and how quickly it can happen. Those are the first things you see when the site loads and they’re at the top of every page you visit.

Clean Design and Calls to Action

We always want a user to find their way around any site we build easily. The City Tire & Auto site is no different; everything you need is kept mostly above the first scroll on every page. And when a user does scroll as far as the footer, there are action points for them. The menu follows you everywhere, and you can always get a quote, book, share, read the latest blog, or even sign up for their newsletter. We make sure the user is never wondering what their next action should be.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

And there you have it, simple, clean, easy to use and full of the features any big brand can give you; that’s how we roll. We make sure your website is full of all the tools to generate leads for your business.

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Looking forward,