Domain Names Need Love Too

You bought your domain name back in aught-3 when you started your business and it’s perfect. It’s not too long. It includes a readable version of your business name. You two have gotten very close.

Since then, you’ve paid the annual renewal fee without question and kept the good times rollin’. Maybe you were forward-thinking (and optimistic) enough to pay for five years in advance. You’re not afraid of a commitment.

First you need to start evaluating this options Siteground vs Inmotion since both web hosts provide great services and have tons of positive customer ratings, but they differ between them.

Things Can Change

Then one day you need to make a change with your website hosting. Maybe the hosting company is closing. Maybe their service isn’t what it used to be. Maybe you got a killer deal elsewhere. Regardless, you need to move your site. You can also visit for more information.

You contact your friendly, local webbie and they ask for the keys to your site to make the switch. Uh-oh… you don’t know your log-in information. Thankfully, the folks who manage your domain registration can send a new password to the email account they have on file. You watch your email for the magic password..but nothing.

I can haz domain name?

A little digging reveals that the email account on file is a very old one that you no longer have access to. OutKast was topping the charts when you last checked that account. Unless you can find another way to prove that you own that account you’re going to be stuck with your current hosting or lose your domain name. Disaster.

Best case: you spend your valuable time jumping through hoops with the registrar to get access to your account granted to your new email address. Worst case: it’s gone.

Heartache can be avoided though, by following this one little tip:

Every year at renewal time, review your account information and make sure it’s up to date.

That’s it. Easy-peasey. Set yourself a calendar alert.

If you’re set to auto renew, pick another memorable date. Maybe it’s your anniversary. Maybe it’s your dog’s birthday. Maybe it’s Oscar night and you get the award for best performance in account maintenance. No more gnashing of teeth, no pulling of hair. Just a smooth transfer to that swanky new web server.

Have you ever had trouble with a domain name? Want some more tips to keep things sailing smoothly? Give us a shout.