Dc presents: TEDx + SHAVE FOR THE BRAVE = MAY 22ND!

Hey, beauties.

Remember that time I told you I was gonna shave my head for YACC’s ten-year strong SHAVE FOR THE BRAVE?

Ya, well that’s still happening. My last trip to NUIMAGE DESIGN STUDIO was sort of like the last meal you get to eat before you sit in the real ‘chair’. Much drama. Many cuts.

Since I joined the TENTH ANNIVERSARY SHAVE TEAM along with some great people who have shaved over the months gone by, I’ve been trying to think of the perfect place to shamelessly chop the mop for the cause. Well, we just figured it out, which brings me to the next super fun good time you need to be part of:


In case you don’t know, TEDx is a worldwide phenomenon where speakers from all over come together in cities to present ideas worth sharing. So many progressive companies and people start their days with a TED talk to spike the eureka moments that follow once you’ve had a lovin’ spoonful of amazing perspective from someone incredible.

Every year the Dc team leads the branding and related promo materials with the marketing committee, alongside talented volunteers and the all-star executive, who volunteer all their time to make this event happen. Repeat: no money is made. Countless hours are invested. *cue the slow clap*

This year marks the 4th annual event in St. John’s and it’s a game changer for us because we’ve decided to move the event to an open, innovative, unconventional, and far easier space to transform into our own: BMW ST. JOHN’S. The decision to move our event to this location has been creating quite the buzz.

And about the other buzz….

As the yearly host of this maw, I like to keep things entertaining and light between the star talks that make it a night to remember. So, while you’re minds are getting blown by a curated cast of presenters, you’ll be sampling the best of BLUE, COLLINGWOOD, NEWFOUNDLAND CHOCOLATE COMPANY; loungin’ in the interior transformations from SAM DESIGN; watching Justin Fong and Rob Barkhouse from QUIDI VIDI BREWERY painting a car; all over the choice cuts fromREMIX86 while the SOOLEY gowns work the room.

Oh yes – and laugh at me while I shave my head during the intermish. No big deal.*gulp*

Leading up to May 22, I’ll be showing love on my social channels to the sweethearts who bopped me some dough for the cause as a thanks for taking the time to show support for all the young adults who deal with cancer.

Please consider that its often not the cancer that kills – it’s depression and isolation and the labyrinth of uncertainty that faces those who should be in the most exciting time of their lives. Really though, think about the impact support and programming has on these people.

My childhood friend died of cancer in his early 20’s. This is for you Philip.

Please help me reach my goal by donating here.

Wanna see the mop come off while you attend THE most impactful night of ideas and energy this year? Get your tickets to TEDx STJOHN’S today on their website.

Check it: