Dc Presents: Safety NL Rebrand

Safety First

I wasn’t what you call the best driver on the road. I’ll never forget dad’s face when I finally passed. He was proud … until I got behind the wheel of our car. Apparently there was much left to do. We made the mistake of going with some random driving school. It was more like summer school where they give you points for showing up.

If only we had known about Safety NL (then, the Newfoundland Safety Council). I might have learned so much more – and far sooner – and I would have been helping to grow the community because every cent you spend on training goes back into provincial safety programs. As we got to know Safety NL, what we learned about what they do and how the money they make goes back to support much-needed community programs, our hearts exploded.

Here’s our story:

Accidents happen.

They can be also be avoided. That’s the comforting thing about Safety NL; for more than 60 years they’ve been making everyone in this province safer. At Dc we’re all about making our communities better, so it was an honour to be able to help Safety NL find a fresh new look to reach a younger generation.

Stop. Think. Act.

Originally known as Safety Services Newfoundland and Labrador or the Newfoundland and Labrador Safety Council, this non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, trains people how to drive defensively, whether that be in a car or a motorcycle and to be safe at work – whether you’re sitting at a desk or driving a forklift. And of course, when you support Safety NL, you support your community.

Keep your eyes on the road

This new direction pays homage to the deeply-rooted ties they have to the community, and the updated green-means-go green is just right for the brand. The biggest change was the name; going from Safety Services Newfoundland Labrador to the simple and powerful Safety NL.


… and your hands upon the wheel

A tighter, more encompassing, punchier name, Safety NL has a strong digital-search advantage and we stuck with the original icon, adding some modern flair. Placing the NL within a circle at the end of the word makes a natural period, indicating that safety is the point.

The final piece of the puzzle was the new promise line, AT HOME • AT WORK • ON THE ROAD – a perfect trio to encapsulate everywhere Safety NL offers safety programming.

Safety NL Website
Vehicle Decals

Our vision for a healthy & safe NL

All contributions to Safety NL help provide the following community programs:

Community Programs

These colourful bubble icons, central to the brand application, demonstrate each of the community programs which benefit from the profits of the safety training programs.

The long and winding road

Our team did a great job and we even created a video showing the history and evolution of the brand to the newly refreshed SAFETY NL. It was a humbling experience to learn just how long, and how dedicated this group has been; from small beginnings in 1956 all the way to 2016.

We can’t wait to see what Safety NL has planned for the next 60 years!


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Looking forward,