Dc Presents: Our June Faves, Curated Just For You

We love sharing the cool things we find. Emails are always flying amongst the team filled with “Cool!” Or, “did you see this?” And, of course, “Loves it!” We’ve taken some recents and curated the best of the best for you.

Video Ads That Are Better Without Sound?

Hotels.com Captain Obvious

Ever since Facebook introduced autoplaying videos, brands have been clamouring to get a share of the bountiful views. The catch? Facebook autoplays are silent and what viewer would go out of their way to turn the audio on for an advertisement? Here you will get a best platypus reviews for the tools which is useful in the boost traffic in your social media platforms. 

So brands got creative, making videos that get the message across without sound, either through informative graphics or captions. But Hotels.com’s Captain Obvious takes the cake. In fact, this ad is better without sound…trust us.

Way to turn a limitation into as asset!

Use Creativity to Celebrate Equality


June is Pride Month and companies are getting into the spirit with their ads. Brands who want to end up on the right side of history are embracing equal rights…and getting some buzz in the process. It’s an issue that is gaining more and more traction so don’t be surprised to see more brands jumping on the pride bandwagon in the future.

If their ads are as good as these six brands who are using creativity to celebrate equality for Pride Month, we’ll be just fine with that.

Insta Ch-ch-changes

Instagram Search and Explore

We know some people *cough* get angsty when their favourite social media platform changes. Last week Instagram rolled out a new Search & Explore feature, but rest assured, you’re going to love it.

We love Instagram as much as Nan loves knitting but we tend to live in our own little Instabubble, only viewing photos from people we already follow. Instagram is now making it easier to follow trending events, find cool stuff happening nearby, or to search for far flung places across the globe. It’s going to change how we consume news, how we research travel, and how we crash that neighbourhood block party.

Have you seen anything cool and delightful on the web recently? Share it with us in the comments.

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