Dc Presents: How We Bring tha NOIA-ze!



Hey there, friends — we’re back and we’re uber-excited to chat about our recent collaboration with the amazing team at NOIA (Newfoundland and Labrador Oil and Gas Industry Association) on tribute videos for their recent 2019 Industry Awards. What did we learn? That the NOIA family is chock-full of stories that will melt your heart (we’re serious). I’ll turn it over to our own heartbreaker, Kat, to share the sweetness that ensued. Warning: You might feel some things.

From grassroots to global influence

Thanks, Dc! NOIA began its life in 1977 as a local, grassroots group comprised of a handful of dedicated oil and gas industry folks who knew that our province’s collective interests needed nurturing as the industry teetered on the edge of massive growth. Over 40 years later, NOIA is the leading industry advocacy group in Canada and they’re exerting their influence globally. Needless to say, when they asked our team to craft their 2019 Industry Awards, we were honoured to accept!

A lifetime of giving

Every year, NOIA selects an individual to honour with their Outstanding Contribution Award, recognizing the exemplary contribution of an individual who has influenced the development of our local oil & gas industry throughout their career. This year’s recipient was Lee Shinkle — a highly-respected and much-loved individual who has dedicated a huge part of his life to advancing Canada’s position as a global powerhouse in the oil and gas industry. We were privileged to sit with Lee to hear him tell his story, as well as his colleagues, who had no shortage of insight on how he has inspired and guided them over a lifetime in the industry.

Watch the video we made to help NOIA celebrate Lee Shinkle’s remarkable story and achievements.

Catch a rising star

As NOIA reflects on their rich past, they’re also looking to the future. Their annual Rising Star award recognizes the achievements made by an individual 40 years old or younger who has made strides in their role within the oil & gas industry in Newfoundland & Labrador. This year’s recipient was Captain Kristopher Drodge — we were fortunate to have the opportunity to learn his success story first-hand, as well as chat with his industry colleagues who shared their thoughts on how he’s furthering his trajectory as a leader in the oil and gas industry.

Check out the video we made to help showcase Kris’s impressive industry career to date!

It’s a family affair

30 years is an impressive benchmark for a collaborative relationship — NOIA proudly celebrates those long-time members who have contributed to the success and evolution of the organization and the industry over the years. This year’s 30-Year Member honorees were RBC Financial Group, NARL Refining LP and Household Movers and Shippers. We chatted with these organizations to get their thoughts on where they’ve been, where they’re going and how their relationships with NOIA have helped shape their growth and success.

Enjoy the video we made to shine a light on the stories behind NOIA’s 30-Year Members!

Thanks, Kat! It’s alllll about the stories, friends. Working on this project was an exercise in #listening, #learning and #loving for our team.

We recognize and value the vital work that NOIA’s been doing for our province, our country and our world since the day in 1977 when that rag-tag group of grassroots warriors hopped a plane to Ottawa to get us a seat at the table.

Speaking of warriors and leaders, we’re lucky to have lots of them movin’ and shakin’ up here at Dc HQ. Wanna take a peek behind the creative curtain? Hit me up at to get it on the go.

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