Dc Presents: Entrepreneur NL

Mixed feelings and happy endings

The line between promoting what you’re at and coming off as full of yourself can be razor thin.

I get the appeal of being “cool;” never seeming too eager; presenting yourself as laidback and casual. The problem is, I’m not cool. Never was. But I own my passionate nature and stand by it. Translation: I’m excitable AF; the opposite of laidback; Super fun though (had to throw that in there for balance).

I want my NTV

Now, it’s fine to be who you are and all, but cleaning it up for public consumption is just good business. And so when I was asked to be in the first season of Entrepreneur NL, a locally-set, lifestyle documentary about four business owners in our fair city of St. John’s, I was excited … and then worried.

Dad has a saying: “The spotlight only makes more of what you already are.”

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Less me. More everyone.

It also had me second guessing things. I mean, I’m half deadly … aren’t I? I do “cool” shit. I know a lot of ambitious people and organizations who are doing amazing things that I could focus the attention on. A triple-win. Sounds wicked.

But what if I was too over-the-top (I’ve been accused once or twice) or opinionated (guilty AF) or as visibly intense as I sometimes feel about the important and exciting projects I’m trying to rock into life – otherwise known as my “positive dissatisfaction with everything,” (a funny borrowed quote from one of my favourite clients and mentors. Love ya, Sharon ;).

It’s on.

Then it happened. I was followed around over eight months. Four months after that, the six episode series debuted on NTV along featuring the highs and lows of my life in business along with three other hard working entrepreneurs, including two much-loved clients, Kim Paddon of Whink and Kelly-Ann Evans of Red Dress Entertainment and City Performance Academy. It was heavily promoted. And I mean heavy. Like almost embarrassing. “Yo Donnie, saw your poster again … and again.”

Entrepreneur NL poster

It’s still on as I write this (not literally on at this moment though, that’d be weird).The season is running back-to-back before it goes up on YouTube or whatever becomes of reality-based shows.


The perks: getting recognized by the girls at Tim Horton’s (Duckworth Street location only). Having a pile of people say nice things to you about how proud they are – which, come on, is nice. Having people in our business community acknowledge our company as one with heart and a brand spirit – which is the truth. Using the show to focus on my favourite things: entrepreneurship, business, people, community and St. John’s, was always the goal – even if I was worried about turning people off.

The dark side: maybe someone who you’d love to work with may not wanna work with you because they think you’re a tool based on the impression you gave off. Sin.

If this is you, and you choose someone else, please don’t tell me. I’d be destroyed.

Big Thanks

By the end of the series, you may not find too much drama in the show. But there is a lot of promoting how lucky I feel to serve some of the best brands and people in our province and beyond. And, ah yes, the passion. Lots of that. Bottom line: If I were to look back, I’d have done it all exactly the same … not that I ever do. I’m not going that way. 😉

Watch it soon on the Entrepreneur NL Facebook page now that the NTV series has concluded.

Thanks to Donny Love from Big Jib Productions, Roger Maunder, my team, family, friends and clients. The best is yet to come. So stay tuned for that.

Looking forward,