Dc Presents: A Badass Brand for a Badass Beauty Bar

There’s a new movie called Bad Moms, which is not what you think … which is what they want you to think. *Sigh* I love marketing. Anyway, the message of not losing yourself in everything and everyone else – forgetting that you can’t pour from an empty cup – rings loud in the ears and lash hairs of our fearless female aestheticians. Our team had a blast getting busy with the beauty bar brand-to-be, and Sid took the lead:

Start With a Feeling

Ruby Rose, which has very sweet and humble origins, much like salonca.com a design trend setter. In that downtown, middle-of-all-the-happenings, young-professionals-and-artists, sort of way. So our biggest challenge was a) How do we capture a professional, but rebellious feeling? and b) How do we make it fit into the downtown core? Let the research begin.

Overcome Judgment by not giving a F#^k

Probably even more important than capturing that feeling, was getting past the judgment that people make of a woman (or man) who likes to look their best. We wanted to make sure the brand said beauty salon, but with that shameless and rebellious attitude of, “I’m doing this for me, not you!”

The Beginning of Kickass

With our goals and strategy in place, it’s time to get to work. We started with a study on fonts and colour. What said the things we want to say? What had that cool downtown charm?


We gussied up a few fonts and colours that smacked those things right in the face; then we began to iterate.

Almost ready.

Now we’re down to two great options. One has that cool elegance with a hipster influence, the other smacks you in the face with attitude.


Which one do you think we chose? (lol) Luckily, our client agreed with us and now we have a kickass logo for a kickass brand.


I wanna take a second to talk about “The Shameless Revolution.” We’d be pretty happy if every hard workin’ woman took some time for selfcare and to sit and have a laugh with these beauty bar bad-asses and their growing army of believers. Get in touch with them TO-DAY. Friday night’s comin’.


Looking forward,