Boost Your Sales this Christmas with Branding

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean Santa has to throw up red and green all over your office to fit in with the festive mood. In fact, steer clear of the clichés this holiday and stick to your brand if you want to see those holiday shoppers in your space.

Here are three tips to boost sales and stay close to your brand this Christmas season.


So you’ve got a tree in the office and you’ve put a few up lights for the secret Santa and Christmas party. But have you thought about your social presence?

What about setting up Frosty the Snowman in your cover photo on Facebook or updating your logo with a little snow and Christmas cheer?

It’s a small gesture, but makes a big difference whether people see your company as a big nebulous thing or a friendly entity they can reach out and touch.

How about Christmas music? Sick of the standards?

If you’re higher end, think about some stunning classical music. Hip to the latest trends? Play the latest pop star’s Christmas album.

Think about your brand and what its Christmas spirit would be if it were a person.

It’s all about atmosphere – in-store and online – share the holiday cheer.

Give back

Some companies give volunteer time around Christmas. Others make donations for charities they support.

Last year the Newfoundland Chocolate Company shovelled sidewalks all over the downtown not just in front of their store. The Toy Factory was created by the Idea Factory to collect toys and raise funds for kids.

Volunteering or giving back is great PR sure, but it’s also a good bonding exercise for your team and helps the community too.

This is the definition of a win-win-win situation

Say Thank you

This time of year is all about the goodwill, so give some to your customers, staff, and others.

Who has supported your business this year? Give them a gift. It doesn’t have to be big. A discount for loyal customers, a sweet treat like cupcakes or cookies in a shop brings the warmth of a personal touch. How about your delivery person? You see them every single day, so why not offer him a small gesture like a gift card or some of your services at a discount?

This holiday is all about the Go Big or Go Home, but it’s really the little things people remember. Those that made them smile and feel appreciated.

So get creative, involve your team and figure out how to stick to your brand this Christmas.

What are you doing for Christmas this year?