Behold Montserrat!

This font jumped into the scene over the last couple of years, and it has quickly become a favourite.

Montserrat Example |

This retro styled sans-serif font was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky of Argentina. It was inspired by the signage and typography used in the neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires. I think it’s something else!

An island and a mountain

Here is the official description from the typeface’s author:

As urban development changes this place, it will never return to its original form and loses forever the designs that are so special and unique. To draw the letters, I rely on examples of lettering in the urban space. Each selected example produces its own variants in length, width and height proportions, each adding to the Montserrat family. The old typographies and canopies are irretrievable when they are replaced.

There are other revivals, but those do not stay close to the originals. The letters that inspired this project have work, dedication, care, color, contrast, light and life, day and night! These are the types that make the city look so beautiful.


Using it every day

We love this font so much here at Dc we’ve been using it all over our own brand. Recently the font family has grown to eight weights, ultra light, light, regular, semi-bold, bold, extra-bold and black. The variety of weights further aids Montserrat’s versatility and usability. There are even two weights for use on the web!

Fun and geometric letterforms make this font approachable with sense of warmth and energy. On the flip-side it is also refined, strong and highly-legible. Overall, a very versatile typeface.

Font Geekery

Some may note Montserrat’s similarity to Hoefler and Co.’s Gotham, but it has several unique qualities that lean more toward the modern side of things. The Q in particular has a cute tail and the J has a wonderful cross bar on the top of the letter. These are some characteristics that make Montserrat so amazing!!!

But wait, there’s more! One of the best parts of the Montserrat font family is that it’s totally free! So go download and enjoy this incredible font family!