A Changing of the Guard

Change isn’t easy.

For those of you who work in teams, you know how important it is to have someone you trust with you every day.  Jackson McLean has been my co-pilot in all projects that take off here at the Design House for almost three years. When he told me last month that he longed to accept a position with one of our much-loved clients, I did what you’d expect of me: I swept everything off my desk and onto the floor and crumpled in a fit of sobbing rage.

Kidding. 😉

The Next Chapter

The client is a perfect fit for Jackson’s passions, so it’s an amazing next step for him. We decided that a love note to you was a great idea, so here’s a love note from our detail terminator:

Leaving this job has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Over the past two and a half years I’ve grown such a close connection to the Dc team and our clients, it truly feels like I’m leaving a family behind.

I also recognize how lucky I was to find such an incredible job straight out of university where I was able to use my communication skills and creativity to help local businesses succeed. It’s easily a job that I could have seen myself doing for many more years to come.

However, when the opportunity came up for me to take on the role of Assistant Manager at The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze (formerly Gaze Seeds), not taking full advantage of this was one of those potential “What if?” regrets that I wasn’t willing to risk. My love of marketing has always been accompanied by a passion for farming, so combining those into a full-time career was a dream come true for me. In my new position I’m going to be helping people grow vegetables and flowers, and promoting the importance of local food systems. If you’re into plants, come visit the store or check out our Facebook Page for gardening tips, advice, and promotions!

So although I will sorely miss my coworkers and clients here at Dc, I am excited for this next stage of my journey and ever thankful to everyone who’s helped me get to this point. I’m also able to leave without worry as I’m confident that Erin is more than qualified to pick up where I left off.

Some sweet, wha? Now, about that Erin he mentioned. Ya know how orange is the new black? Well Erin Molloy is the new Jackson …for now. *cue the smoke bomb and head-back maniacal laughter*

New Girl in the House

There is something very exciting that we’ll be sharing with you in the months ahead about Erin, but for now, here is a little bit about her that showcases her beyond-ability to join me as co-pilot in creating timely success with top communication for you:

Hi everyone, I’ve been in the public relations field for 10 years; but have the experience and knowledge of a grizzled vet. I’ve worked in communications and marketing in healthcare, non-profit, government, financial, and the oil and gas industries from St. John’s to Toronto.

Some would say I’ve got a work ethic like no other and a passion for everything I take on, and it is this dedication, diligence and unbridled enthusiasm that I bring to my interactions with clients that ensures the finished project exceeds their expectations.

I also offer my expertise to the community from grassroots social initiatives to full-scope planning for oil and gas committees. I’m a Longtime IABC NL board member, friend to dogs, frequent flyer, home chef, and a Plants vs Zombies enthusiast. I can’t wait to continue on, having already spent two weeks in Jackson’s chair getting up to speed on all projects. See you soon 🙂

Looking Forward

So it’s see ya soon to my man Jax. Hello and welcome to Erin. Now that I’m back from my incredible adventure, I’ll be calling around to reconnect on all the amazing things we’re lucky to be working on with you.

Looking forward,