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Our new-ish copywriter, Andrew, is finishing up his contract with us, and he’s gonna share a few of the things he learned #InsidetheDesignHouse, after a few short words from Mel. Giv’er!

After 10 weeks and about 8 cakes at DcHQ, it’s time for my copywriting partner, Andrew, to move on to the next thing. He’s learned so much during his time here, and he felt it was right to impart some of that knowledge to any writers out there who might be looking to make their voice heard in this wild and crazy industry of ours! (Some sweet, he is.)

Don’t worry, Don-E – he won’t give away too much of the secret sauce…

Rules are for breaking!

 After 8 years in university (oy vey…), I’ve learned a thing or two about good writing techniques, especially in an academic context. In the marketing world, though, the never-ending search for clarity and correctness can translate into…well…boringness.

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist” – Pablo Picasso

During my time at Dc, I’ve learned that once you’ve got the basics, you can implement those tools in creative ways according to the client’s needs, the campaign strategy, and creative direction. Challenge the norms of what’s acceptable, and you just might get the attention you’re looking for.

Do your research!

Now, in order to actually get anything worthwhile on paper, it’s important to have a sense of who you want to reach. Sure, bend the traditional rules of writing and have a laugh, but one cardinal rule of copywriting is to understand your audience and write accordingly.

And you can’t do that without thorough research! The essence of what we do as copywriters, really, is strategic communication, and it’s only strategic insofar as it resonates with our desired audience and achieves our marketing goals. Make sense?

Do everything you can to understand your audience, and use that as your starting point.

Next stop: collaboration station!

Andrew and Mel, teamin’ up and takin’ names.

My identity as a writer has been central to my self-concept for a long time. As a (recovering) perfectionist, it’s meant that my writing process can sometimes be slow and guarded, which is not exactly helpful at a fast-paced, ultra-collaborative marketing agency!

My advice? Just get it on paper, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or a second opinion. The constant engagement with the other members of this team has made my writing more informed, versatile, and sensitive to our diverse audiences, and I am so grateful for that.

Thanks for everything, b’ys. 🙂

There you have it! Andrew — we’ve loved having you on board, and we’re stoked that you learned so much from us!

Keep an eye out for more #DcBlogs from the members of our creative team. And in the mean time, hit us up with your own words of wisdom!

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