Embrace your Wildhood


Who believes in the strength of difference? We do.

When I first met Sayed I knew he had a story and an idea worth sharing. Let me tell you — his journey has been pretty wild so far, and helping him articulate that journey and message has been an honour. I think that’s my favourite thing to do: to help tap into what makes an individual’s values unique and memorable.

I could go on about brand stories and their powers all day, but for now, I’ll zoom out and let Sarah lead you through her view of what we’ve done, with Wildhood’s story in mind.

An amazing story

Abu Sayed is from the tiny village of Ruhia, Bangladesh, where he, like so many in his community, grew up in poverty. Through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), Sayed moved to Canada in March 2013 and started working 18-hour days as a pizza delivery driver right away.

Flash forward to 2018, St. John’s is still his new home, and he has since learned English, acquired permanent residency status, and founded his own company, Wildhood Clothinghow amazing is that?

Making a stand

The Wildhood brand spirit reminds us that we’re all connected on this planet of ours, with shared values of dignity, respect, and justice for all walks of life.

“Wildhood is a place where diversity is celebrated every day. We all wake up and place our feet on the same earth, and there is a strength in understanding that. Once we stop wasting time judging differences and start cherishing them, we can create a world which is truly worth exploring.” – Sayed

Not only does his clothing line inspire, it also creates concrete, positive change in our community. His products are made locally and ethically, and staff are paid fair wages for their quality craftsmanship. In an industry where many workers are treated so unfairly all around the world, Wildhood Clothing is setting a positive example of what all textile companies should aspire to be in the 21st century.

Together is better

Recently, we partnered with Wildhood on a few projects, and to show their thanks, they gave beautiful sweaters to the whole Dc team. Talk about generosity!

We were so excited, we decided to make a video about it:

But more importantly, we want you to watch a little video we did to help Sayed express what Wildhood means to him and the people who believe in his brand:

Thanks again, Sayed – we hope your business continues to be a hit!

Here’s to making the world a better place by supporting businesses that speak to our values. I have to say, it feels good to be invited into the lives of so many hard-working people like Sayed. Ideas are amazing, but being brave enough to make them real is what really matters. I hope if you read this, you’ll find a little inspiration and make something happen.

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