Prime Time for Young Adult Cancer Canada


We love making it all happen at Dc Design House, from helping local teams brand better, to connecting their stories to their target audiences through content marketing.

Most recently, we collaborated with one of our favourite not-for-profits to rock a new campaign that’s helping young adults live and love life! Sarah’s going to fill you in on the project and why it meant so much to her! Take it, girl!

Still sick of this sh!t

Young Adult Cancer Canada supports young adults as they live with, through, and beyond cancer — and we truly love them for it!

In past projects, the Dc team has had our mouths washed out with soap, and Dc even gave up his luscious locks for their cause. This time around, we got to collaborate with YACC on a new project: The YAC Prime Study.


Prime time to incite change

The YAC Prime Study is working to better understand the social, physical, and financial problems of young adults dealing with cancer, and once complete, this study will help influence cancer programming and support across the country.

So to help YACC recruit even more participants in this literally life changing research, we went all out across multiple platforms — social media, video production, custom graphics, and even a commercial featuring Dc himself — can you spot him?


All of this work came together on January 23 for Prime Day, a day to act and incite change in the young adult cancer experience. The YACC team surpassed their goal and has now had over 600 young adults join their study!

YACC communications manager, Angie, me, and Dc’s digital coordinator, Nicole, celebrating YAC Prime Day

Close to the hearts

And if we’re being honest, this recent project with YACC was extra special to me.

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Thyroid Cancer in 2016. As a singer, this has had a huge effect on my life, as one of my vocal chords was paralyzed in my second surgery. My voice is different now — it’s in a lower register and it’s hard to project. With practice and exercise, though, I’ve gotten it to a good place — but it’s not the same.

Cancer has changed my life in many ways: no one likes being poked at, receiving treatment, or missing time from work and the other activities that make life fun! However, I go forward with a positive outlook, a hard work ethic, and a passion to live life to the fullest every day.

Taking part in the YAC Prime Study has helped me understand that many young adults like myself go through these same struggles, and worse. It is so fulfilling to work closely with an organization that supports young adults living with, through, and beyond cancer. I am thankful to be part of the YACC team!

Sarah, to put it simply: we love you. We love your strength, your attitude, and your never-ending positivity. We’re thankful you’re part of our team!

And ya gotta love a campaign like this that makes a real, profound impact — right here at home! Is there a project you need to brand? Looking for reach and a wider audience? Reach out and we’ll tell you how we’ll do it!

Looking forward,


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