Out of the Fog with MusicNL


Our musicians deserve to be heard – not just their music, but their thoughts and laughter too.

As host of the Arts & Entertainment focused Thursday night edition of Out of the Fog, on Rogers Television and Eastlink networks across the province, I have been showcasing our MusicNL members on the stage, and on the couch of my show, since October.

Now, in the 2018 winter/spring season, I want to ensure that MusicNL members are front-row centre in every episode.


If you have a show, tour, or album coming up, or have an exciting discussion in mind, please contact me at Dc@Dcdesignhouse.ca to discuss appearing on a show that reaches a potential 187,000 viewers on tv, and many more online, given Rogers increase in using Youtube and Facebook Live to promote each show digitally.

“Every day we work to ensure our members receive as much exposure and coverage as possible so their stories and songs can reach the people of our province, across the country, and around the world.

Thank you, Don-E, for continuing to dedicate your time to helping our members reach the world audience, via Out of the Fog.”

-Glenda Tulk, Executive Director, MusicNL

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Not a musician? No probs! Hit us up to talk branding, websites, or campaigns!

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