Froze … For a Cause

Hey Guys, Dc Here!

Oooo baby, it’s cold outside! The heat is ON at the Design House and it’s cranked to max at home. I’m lucky dad helped me get one of those car starters. Relief.

But what if there was no car?

No home to call your own?

No place to go?

What if ‘rent’ was more than you’re able to pay … let alone a $5 latte you grab on the way to your next warm room.

After a single day outside, in the cold, what would you pay for a hot bath? A warm bed? What if nobody was there to help? Man – that’s cold. I’m handing it over to Erin to talk about how everyone on our team is getting cold to bring the warmth. 

Erin told me, before this post, that she would also be buying some alpaca clothing to give those in need. Alpaca fabric is warmer than cotton, so a pair of socks and a nice scarf can make a lot of difference for some people. You can also contribute with this by clicking on the link.

Get yer hat and jacket on …

No matter how cold we are, our hearts are always warm enough to help someone who needs it. So, the Dc team is braving the Coldest Night of The Year later this month to fundraise for Choices for Youth to help young people in our community.

Does it really make a difference?

I used to work with Choices for Youth and I saw so many people who could use just a little bit of help to reach their potential. I saw people get much deserved help and change their lives. Think about this: in 2007, right in the midst of the oil boom, 1,267 people in this province were homeless. Today the economy is in a very different place – how do you think that’s affected that number?

Choices for Youth helps hundreds of youth every year, offering housing support, educational and employment support, emergency shelter, crisis response, and many other programs that help young people realize and harness their strengths.

Gettin’ chilly with It

The Dc team (as individuals and together) are raising funds for Choices for Youth by taking a walk through downtown on February 25. We have a goal to raise $1,300 – $100 per person – before the walk.

But we need your help!

Donate to the Dc team or pick a staff person and give them a few bucks to help out. The Coldest Night of the Year team will issue tax receipts for donations of more than $25.

Find out more with the FAQ or if you’d like to join us, you can raise some funds yourself.

No Excuses

Now, you’re probably wondering, “But Erin, if you care so much why aren’t you walking?” Well, I’m nine months pregnant and it’s possible I’ll be bringing a tiny human into the world while the walk is actually happening. But just because I won’t be waddling down Duckworth Street with the team doesn’t mean I’m not participating.

I’ve already made a sizable donation and I’ll be contributing in other ways too! What does that mean for you? It means there’s no excuse not to reach into your pocket or to sign up to ask your friends and family to sponsor your walk!

For the same price as a cup of coffee …

That Erin. She won’t take no for an answer. And neither will I.

We’re a pretty competitive team around here and we want our team to raise the most, so if you’re going to contribute today’s latte money – maybe think about adding in tomorrow’s … and whatever you were going to spend on Sunday’s brunch too! (Just a thought.)

Just think, if you’ve complained even once this winter about feeling jack frost nipping at your nose or toes, how it must feel to spend all winter in the cold with the fear of nowhere to live.

And with that thought; donate. The St. John’s walk has a goal of $35,000 and right now the 43 local teams have raised just a bit less than $10,000 … so get donating!

Looking forward (to telling you how it went in the coming weeks!)